About Us

My name OKYZ, I am living and doing business in Senaru village on 601 meters above the see level, the main starting point for any trekking activities. My job as a trekking tour to Mt. Rinjani within 2 to 4 days up to Rinjani mountain, I have daily departure and working with all Communities club direct from Senaru village and Sembalun. My experience is over 10 years, I started my career as a porter and I didn’t take long to realize that I want more-I want to share my personal connection to Rinjani mountain with all our trekkers. So I improved my English and change my experience to become a guide. And now after i am get married of ascent, shared experiences with visitors from all over the world and 8 years as a guide, I finally want to improve my idea of sharing my feelings about Rinjani a last time. As a guide I only can reach the group I’m trekking with, but if I run my own business ‘OKYZ RINJANI TREKKING` I could consolidate other guides with the same intention as I have and I would be able to reach more than one group. Besides this my main focus is also to keep Mount Rinjani clean – that means that everything we carried up, we will take back home.